You can control from where end-users install public applications by enabling Restricted Mode on Apple iOS devices. After enrollment, end-users can access free public applications deployed to their catalogs, but they are unable to download free public applications from the App Store.

This restriction is the same as the iOS restriction found in Devices > Profiles, labeled Allow installing public apps. AirWatch deploys the Restricted Mode option to devices and it blocks end-users from the app store. AirWatch can deploy the public applications, which ensures that your organization approves them.

Enabling Restricted Mode

This option restricts the device by allowing you to install only the assigned applications approved by the organization. Enabling the setting automatically sends a restricted profile to Apple iOS devices. The presence of this restricted profile does not require an extra restriction profile with the Allow installing public apps option enabled to block the app store.

To enable Restricted Mode for Apple iOS Applications, follow the steps.

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Workspace ONE > App Restrictions.
  2. Enable Restricted Mode for Public iOS Applications.

AirWatch supports native iOS restrictions and an in-house developed restriction that control access the app store. For a matrix that outlines the supported options, see Apple iOS App Store Restriction Descriptions.