After you download the AirWatch SEG installer from the AirWatch Console, run the AirWatch SEG installer to start the SEG Setup Wizard. The SEG Setup Wizard helps you to complete the SEG Classic configuration.


  • Disable User Account Control (UAC) for the installation process. However, you can re-enable UAC after the installation is complete. This is an environmental consideration that varies depending on the server deployment.

  • Create an admin account for the SEG in the AirWatch Console. This is required for the simple installation wizard. Configure the admin account at an organization group level at or above where you want to configure the SEG.



  1. Double-click the AirWatch SEG Installer.exe file, or right-click to choose Run as Administrator. The Setup dialog box displays. If you receive a security warning choose Run.

    The Setup dialog box is followed by a Welcome dialog box. Click Next.

    SEG Setup

  2. Accept the End User License Agreement, and then click Next.
  3. Specify the Destination Folder to install the SEG. The installer defaults to C:\ AirWatch. However, for best performance, install AirWatch on a partition separate from the OS.

  1. Select Default Web Site as the IIS Website location for SEG in the AirWatch IIS configuration dialog box. Click Next.

    SEG Default Website

  2. Click Install to begin the SEG installation.

    SEG Install 09

  3. In the SEG Installation Wizard dialog box, click Finish. The AirWatch SEG setup shortcut icon is automatically created on the desktop, and the localhost URL opens in Explorer.