The AirWatch Console allows you to complete a simplified setup process to bind the Google Account and AirWatch to Google as your EMM provider for Android for Work.

To start Android for Work setup in the AirWatch Console, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Devices >Devices Settings> Devices & Users > Android > Android for Work.
  2. Select Configure. You will be redirected to the Android for Work Google sign in page.
  3. Select Get Started if you are already signed in with your Google credentials. If you are not signed in, select Sign In to enter your Google credentials and then select Get Started.

  4. Enter your Organization Name. The Enterprise Mobility Manager (EMM) provider field will populate as AirWatch.
  5. Select Confirm > Complete Registration. You will be redirected back to the AirWatch Console, and your Google Service Account credentials will automatically populate.
  6. Select Save > Test Connection to ensure the service account is set up and connected successfully.