The Telecom wizard guides you through the initial setup of your telecom assets. The Telecom wizard can be accessed by selecting Telecom from the main menu in the AirWatch Console.

To setup deployment using the Telecom Wizard:

  1. Select Configure to begin the setup process. The Telecom Settings page appears.
  2. Configure the telecom data that you want to collect for each supported platform. Select Next.
    • Apple iOS – AirWatch uses the AirWatch Agent originally downloaded to the device for enrollment purposes and to collect telecom data from iOS devices when telecom data collection is enabled. The agent runs in the background. You can only collect Cellular Data Usage from Apple iOS devices.
    • Android – AirWatch uses a Telecom Service app to collect telecom data from Android devices. This application installs automatically upon device enrollment when telecom is enabled and runs in the background. The three types of telecom data collected from Android devices are Call Logs, SMS Logs, and Cellular Data Usage.
  3. Configure the privacy settings by specifying what telecom usage data are collected and displayed in the AirWatch Console. The settings may take a few hours to take effect.
    • You can make selections by telecom data element and by device ownership. For example, you can collect and display roaming status for Corporate-Dedicated and Corporate-Shared devices, but ignore it for Employee-Owned devices. 
    • The following telecom privacy settings are configurable in the AirWatch Console: 
      • Carrier/Country Code
      • Roaming Status 
      • Cellular Data Usage 
      • Call Usage 
      • SMS Usage 
    • Hover over the applicable radio button to run a selection pop-up window with icons representing how to manage telecom data collection of this telecom data element.
    • Select the icon representing how to manage telecom data collection for the specific element and device ownership pairing.
  4. Review your selections, and select Previous to modify them if necessary or Save & Close to save the settings and return to the Telecom Management Settings page.

You may disable this wizard in two ways:

  • Proceed through the steps to complete the initial setup as detailed in this section. When you select Finish, the Wizard deploys your setup and turns itself off.
  • Select Don't show this message again and close the Wizard.