Single-User Device Staging on the AirWatch Express Admin Console allows a single administrator to outfit devices for other users on their behalf, which can be particularly useful for IT administrators provisioning a fleet of devices.


LDAP binding is required when staging devices. To create this payload, see Binding a Device to the Directory Service in this guide.

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Users > List View and select Edit for the user account for which you want to enable device staging.
  2. In the Add / Edit User page, select the Advanced tab.
    1. Scroll down to the Staging section.
    2. Select Enable Device Staging.
    3. Select the staging settings that will apply to this staging user.
  3. Single User Devices stages devices for a single user. This user is the next Network User to log into the device. Toggle the type of single user device staging mode to either Standard or Advanced. Standard staging requires an end user to enter login information after staging, while Advanced means the staging user can enroll the device on behalf of another user.
  4. Ensure Multi User Devices is set to Disabled.
  5. Enroll the device using one of the two following methods.
    • Enroll using the AirWatch Agent by entering a server URL and Group ID.
    • Open the device's Internet browser, navigate to the enrollment URL, and enter the proper Group ID.
  6. Enter your staging user's credentials during enrollment. If necessary, specify that you are staging for Single User Devices. You will only have to do this if multi-user device staging is also enabled for the staging user.
  7. Complete enrollment for either Advanced or Standard staging.
    • If you are performing Advanced staging, you are prompted to enter the username of the end-user device owner who is going to use the device. Proceed with enrollment by installing the Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile and accepting all prompts and messages.
    • If you are performing Standard staging, then when the end user completes the enrollment, they will be prompted to enter their own credentials in the login window.

The device is now staged and ready for use by the new user.