Create an on-demand staging package to stage a device over a network connection or an ActiveSync connection.


You must create a staging package before you create an on-demand enrollment package. See Create a Staging Package.

To use On-Demand Enrollment:

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Staging.

  2. Find the staging configuration you want to use and select the More option ( Prod_Prov_More).


  3. Select On-Demand from the drop-down menu.
  4. Specify the staging options including:
    Settings Description
    Organization Group Select the AirWatch OG the device enrolls in.
    Universal Barcode

    Enable to create a universal on-demand enrollment so devices can be enrolled without automatically assigning an OG. While the option is called universal barcode, there is no actual barcode in use in this functionality.

    Enabling universal barcode allows you to enroll devices without needing an on-demand enrollment for each OG. The agent will prompt you to enter an OG after beginning the staging process. Enabling this box repopulates the Staging Relay Server and Staging Profile with applicable options.

    Staging Relay Server Select the relay server from which the device retrieves the agent and other staging content.
    Staging Profile Select the Wi-Fi profile to use during staging to connect to the relay server.
  5. Select On-Demand to launch the On-Demand Enrollment screen.

  6. Select Turn staging server on.
  7. On the device you want to enroll, start the Rapid Deployment client and use the following settings:

    Settings Description
    Search Connected Networks

    Rapid deployment client will search for an On-Demand staging server over any Wi-Fi profiles that exist on the device, or through LAN if cradled. Motorola devices come with a generic Wi-Fi profile out of the box, which you use when setting up a Wi-Fi access point.

    Search Unconnected Networks

    Rapid deployment client searches for an On-Demand staging server using ActiveSync. The device must be cradled and connected to the admin's machine hosting the On-Demand server through USB.

Once a device is connected to an On-Demand server, the staging profile configuration passes to the device. The device then retrieves all staging content from the relay server. Once all staging content has been retrieved and installed, the device enrolls in AirWatch.