Use the available logs and commands or monitoring URL to diagnose and troubleshoot intermittent issues that you may experience with Content Gateway.

Linux Logs

Log Type Location
Installer Log


Content Log /var/log/airwatch/content-gateway/

Use the following command to sort (as root):

tail -f /var/log/airwatch/content-gateway/content-gateway.log

Linux Commands

                  sudo service content-gateway start – Starts the service.
                  sudo service content-gateway stop – Stops the service.
                  sudo service content-gateway restart – Restarts the service.
                  sudo service content-gateway status – Shows the status of the service.

Windows Logs

  • Logs are located at AirWatch/Logs/ContentGateway/CGContent.log
  • To change log levels, navigate to AirWatch\AirWatch.EnterpriseIntegration.Content\ and open the Web.config file. Locate the loggingConfiguration entry and change level="Error" to level="Verbose". Restarting the Content Gateway service or performing an IIS reset may be necessary.

Windows Monitoring URL

URL Return Notes

403 Forbidden

Enable the <add key="enableSystemInfo" value="true" /> flag in the Web.config file