VMware Tunnel is backwards compatible with updated versions of the AirWatch Console. Upgrade the VMware Tunnel product whenever you perform any major version upgrades.

To upgrade an existing VMware Tunnel, download the latest version of the installer from the AirWatch Console. Load the installer onto one or more VMware Tunnel servers and run the installer based on your deployment model. Any custom changes made to configuration files following the original installation will be overridden, and must be manually updated after the upgrade is complete.

Create a back up of any custom configuration files that you may want to reference after the upgrade and create a snapshot of each VMware Tunnel server before the upgrade.

To upgrade VMware Tunnel:

  1. Log in to the AirWatch Console and navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > VMware Tunnel .
  2. Select the General tab and then select the Download Linux Installer hyperlink which redirects you to AirWatch Resources to download the installer.

  3. Create a directory for the Tunnel installer and copy the VMwareTunnel.bin file to this location.
  4. Continue with the steps for Install the AirWatch Tunnel Relay Server (Linux) or Install the AirWatch Tunnel Endpoint Server (Linux).

    The installer detects the existing VMware Tunnel instance running on the server and prompts you to confirm the upgrade.