Device events show Mobile Device Management (MDM) commands to devices, device responses, and device user actions. You can filter the log by date range, the severity level, category, or module.

Severity levels include the following descriptions.

  • Emergency – Indicates a catastrophic MDM failure requiring immediate attention.
  • Alert – Indicates a failure of a foundational MDM system requiring attention.
  • Critical – Indicates a failure in a primary MDM system.
  • Error – Indicates a failure in a non-primary MDM system.
  • Warning – Indicates an issue in the future if action is not taken.
  • Notice – Indicates unusual conditions.
  • Information – Indicates normal operational data.
  • Debug – Indicates useful information for troubleshooting.

To use the device event log.

  1. Navigate to Hub > Reports & Analytics > Events > Device Events.
  2. Filter the information to focus and narrow the list of devices. Filter by Data Range, Severity, Category, and Module.
  3. Select the Friendly Name option to view data about a specific device.
  4. Select the User option to perform various functions, including Add Device, Edit options, and Change Organization Group. You can also view device information from this option.