You can group sets of users into user groups which, like organization groups, act as filters for assigning profiles and applications. When configuring your MDM environment, align user groups with security groups and business roles within your organization.

You can assign profiles, compliance policies, content, and applications to users and devices with user groups. You can add your existing directory service groups into AirWatch or create user groups from scratch.

As an alternative to user groups, you can also manage content by assigning devices according to a preconfigured range of network IP address or custom attributes. For more information, see Device Assignments Overview.

User Groups With (and Without) Directory Integration

Create user groups in AirWatch by harnessing your existing active directory user group information, saving time and effort. Alternately, you can create user groups outside your existing active directory structure giving you the freedom to make specialized groups of users at any time. For more information, see User Groups Without Directory Integration (Custom) and User Groups With Directory Integration.

For more information about adding user groups in bulk, see Batch Import User Groups.

User Group Permissions

Control which user group administrators can change the permission settings for user groups. For example, the ability to edit and delete user groups and whether to allow a device to enroll in the organization group. For more information, see Edit User Group Permissions.

Access User Details from User Groups List View

User details can be accessed from any listing that displays the user name including the various List Views and User Group List View. For more information, see Access User Details and User Groups List View.