Enroll Windows Rugged devices into AirWatch to access internal content and features using Web enrollment. Web enrollment directs the user to an enrollment URL to complete enrollment and download the AirWatch Agent.

Device enrollment is required for all Windows Rugged devices you want managed by AirWatch.

If you use the Product Provisioning functionality provided by AirWatch, you can enroll your Windows Rugged devices through additional enrollment methods. These additional methods, including sideload staging, require product provisioning.. For more information on product provisioning, see Product Provisioning & Staging Overview.

Enrollment Basics

The Windows Rugged platform covers Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices. For more information on the supported devices, see Windows Rugged Requirements.

Windows Rugged enrollment uses either the web enrollment method or the Product Provisioning staging functionality. For more information on the Product Provisioning functionality, see Product Provisioning & Staging Overview.

Web Enrollment

The web enrollment method for Windows Rugged devices taks end users to enter enrollment credentials into the web browser on the device. For more information, see Enroll Windows Rugged Devices Through Web Enrollment.

To unenroll Windows Rugged devices, you must perform an Enterprise Wipe in the AirWatch Console followed by manually uninstalling the AirWatch Agent. For more information, see Unenroll Windows Rugged Devices.

AirWatch Cab Creator

The AirWatch Cab Creator for Windows Rugged allows you to create custom CAB files for use on Windows Rugged devices. These custom CAB files consist of any files or applications you add from your computer. Simplify the install process combining all the files and applications you want on your Windows Rugged device into a custom CAB file. For more information, see Create a Custom CAB.