For integration to work, use an Azure admin account to sign up with the store and to activate the VMware AirWatch management tool.

See the Windows Store for Business portal for the most current documentation on creating an Azure admin account.

Create an Azure Admin Account for VMware AirWatch

Configure an admin account with global admin roles in your Default Directory in Microsoft Azure. Use this account to acquire applications in the Windows Store for Business. You do not need an Azure premium account to create an admin account for the Windows Store for Business.

  1. In Azure, navigate to your default directory and add a user.


  2. Complete the user profile and select Global Admin for the Role.


  3. Create a temporary password so you can log in to the Windows Store for Business. MAM_BSP_Acc05

Activate VMware AirWatch in the Windows Store for Business and Acquire Apps

Activate the AirWatch management tool in the Windows Store for Business with your Azure admin account credentials. If you use offline licensing, enable the acquirement of offline license applications.

  1. Navigate to the Windows Store for Business and log in with your Azure admin account.

  2. Navigate to Management > Store settings > Management tools and activate the AirWatch by VMware tool.

  3. For offline licenses, select the Private store option and enable Show offline licensed apps to people shopping in the store.

  4. In the Store for Business, add applications to your inventory. You can add applications with either offline or online licenses depending on your license management strategy.

See Import Windows Store for Business Apps for the steps to import Windows Store for Business applications to AirWatch. Follow the import by deploying applications as outlined in Deploy Windows Store for Business Apps.