Import public applications acquired from the Windows Store for Business to the AirWatch Console. The process is the same for the online and offline license models.

For the offline license model, plan to import these applications when your corporate network is not busy. Due to the number of applications concerned, the import process can use more bandwidth than other AirWatch systems.

  1. Go to the organization group where you set your Azure Active Directory services.
  2. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > List View > Public and select Add Application.
  3. Select the Platform, Windows Desktop or Windows Phone.
  4. Select Import from BSP and choose Next.

  5. View a list of the applications that AirWatch imports from your Windows Store for Business account.

    You cannot edit this list in the AirWatch Console.

  6. Select Finish.

    • Offline license model - The system downloads applications to the remote file storage system.
    • Online license model - The system stores the applications in the Windows Store for Business and awaits an install command.

Package Downloads and Updates for the Offline License Model

AirWatch imports all the application packages and disables assignment actions while the process is in progress. When you reimport packages for purposes such as updates, AirWatch downloads only those packages that changed.

If you do not restrict the use of the app store on devices, then application updates push to devices from the Windows Store for Business.

If you restrict the use of the app store on devices, then import updated applications in AirWatch. Then, notify device users to install the updated version from the AirWatch Catalog.

Deploy Applications

Follow the import by deploying applications outlined in Deploy Windows Store for Business Apps.