When end users configure an email account using the native iOS Mail settings, they are prompted with a dialog asking what they would like to do with existing local contacts. One option is to Delete, which lets end users delete their local address books. If this happens, then the native iOS Address Book is deleted, where Boxer stores its contacts if Caller ID is enabled. As a result, end users cannot export Boxer contacts for Caller ID functionality.

End users can use the following steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Navigate to Mail, Contacts, and Calendar in Settings and turn off Contacts sync for all accounts.
  2. Start the Boxer app and enable Caller ID in Settings.
  3. Navigate back to the device's Settings and under Mail, Contacts, and Calendar, turn on Contacts sync for all accounts.

    End users are prompted with a dialog box asking them whether or not they want to delete local contacts.

  4. Select Keep on My iPad.


  5. Select Keep, when prompted that this may cause duplicates.