You can add a blacklisted (device restricted from enrollment) or whitelisted (device cleared for enrollment) based on various device attributes.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status and select Add.
  2. Choose either Blacklisted Devices or Whitelisted Devices from the Add drop-down list and complete the applicable fields.

    Setting Description
    Blacklisted/Whitelisted Devices Enter the list of whitelisted or blacklisted devices (by the Device Attribute selection), up to 30 at a time.
    Device Attribute Select the corresponding device attribute type. Choose IMEI, Serial Number, or UDID.
    Organization Group Confirm to which Organization Group the devices are blacklisted or whitelisted.

    You can allow devices only with the chosen ownership type.

    This field is only available while Whitelisting devices.

    Additional Information Allows you to choose a platform to apply your whitelist or blacklist.

    You can blacklist or whitelist all devices belonging to an entire platform.

    This field is only available when the Additional Information checkbox is enabled.

  3. Select Save to confirm the settings.