The AirWatch Console allows you to view and manage every aspect of your Mobile Device Management (MDM) deployment. With this single, web-based resource, you can quickly and easily add new devices and users to your fleet, manage profiles, and configure system settings.

Acquaint yourself with security settings and interface features such as the Getting Started Wizard, menu icons, and global search.

Security Personal Identification Number (PIN)

Learn how to log in to the AirWatch Console so you can establish your security PIN and perhaps reset your PIN number. For more information, see Log Into the AirWatch Console and Security PIN.

Header Menu, Main Menu, Collapse, and Expand


The header menu is replete with useful functionality. Learn how it can make your navigation easier by saving favorite pages, customize the home page, and quickly select organization groups. You can also add a user, new device, new admin, new app, and more. For more information, see Header Menu.

The main menu enables you to get all the information to marshal your entire fleet of devices, accounts, and apps, email & other content. You can also learn how to collapse the menu so you have more room for device information. For more information, see Main Menu and Collapse and Expand the Submenu.

Global Search

Do you know what you are looking for but not how to get there? Conduct a global search across the entire AirWatch Console. For more information, see Global Search.

AirWatch Console Notifications

Learn how to stay informed about important console events including VPP App updates, Apple Push Notifications, App Removal Protection, and Pending User Group Merges. For more information, see AirWatch Console Notifications.

Getting Started Wizard

The Getting Started Wizard is typically run directly after the AirWatch installation process. The wizard not only tracks how far along you are in the setup process, it can be started, paused, restarted later, and rewound to review prior responses. For more information, see Getting Started Wizard.