The Grouping tab allows you to view and specify basic information regarding organization groups and Group IDs for end users. Enable Group ID Assignment Mode to choose how the AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment assigns Group IDs to users.

The Grouping tab can be found by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment.

Setting Description
Group ID Assignment Mode

All assignment modes are supported by Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.

  • Default – Select this option if users are provided with Group IDs for enrollment. The Group ID used determines what organization group the user is assigned to.
  • Prompt User to Select Group ID – Enable this option to allow directory service users to select a Group ID from a list upon enrollment. The Group ID Assignment section lists available organization groups and their associated Group IDs. This listing does not require you to perform group assignment mapping, but does mean users have the potential to select an incorrect Group ID.
  • Automatically Select Based on User Group – This option only applies if you are integrating with user groups. Enable this option to ensure that users are automatically assigned to organization groups based on their directory service group assignments. The Group Assignment Settings section lists all the organization groups for the environment and their associated directory service user groups. Select the Edit Group Assignment button to modify the organization group/user group associations and set the rank of precedence each group has.

    For example, you have three groups, Executive, Sales, and Global, which are ranked in order of job role. Everyone is a member of Global, so if you were to rank that user group first, it puts all your users into a single organization group. By ranking Executives first instead, you ensure the few number of people belonging to that group are placed in their own organization group. By ranking Sales second, you ensure that all Sales employees are placed in an organization group specific to sales. Ranking Global third means anyone not already assigned to a group is placed in a separate organization group.