Before setting up your organization group (OG) hierarchy in the AirWatch Console, first decide on the group structure. The group structure allows you to make the best use of settings, applications, and resources.

  • Delegated Administration – You can delegate administration of subgroups to lower-level administrators by restricting their visibility to a lower organization group.
  • Corporate administrators can access and view everything in the environment.
  • LA manager has access to the LA OG and can manage only those devices.
  • NY manager has access to the NY OG and can manage only those devices.

  • System Settings – Settings can be applied at different levels in the organization group tree and inherited down. They can also be overridden at any level. Settings include device enrollment options, authentication methods, privacy setting, and branding.
  • Overall company establishes an enrollment against the company Active Directory server.
  • Driver devices override the parent authentication and allow a token-based enrollment.
  • Warehouse devices inherit the AD settings from the parent group.

  • Device Use Case – A profile can be assigned to one or several organization groups. Devices in those groups can then receive that profile. Refer to the Profiles section for more information. Consider configuring devices using profile, application, and content settings according to attributes such as device make, model, ownership type, or user groups before creating organization groups.
  • Executive devices cannot install applications and have access to the Wi-Fi sales network.
  • Sales devices are allowed to install applications and have VPN access.