The custom attribute batch import feature allows you to load custom attributes and corresponding values into the system in bulk. In the templates provided, each column corresponds to one custom attribute and each row corresponds to different parameters of custom attribute.

With the templates, you can import custom attributes in different ways and with different information.


The syntax of the first column of each template must be replicated exactly. Failure to use proper syntax can cause database issues and result in loss of data.

Template Types

  • Custom Attributes Template – Allows you to define a custom attribute and its settings.


  • Custom Attribute Values Template – Allows you to define the values of predefined custom attributes.


  • Device Custom Attribute Values – Allows you to define the values of predefined custom attributes for individual devices based on the cross reference (Xref) value. The Xref values determine the individual devices receiving the value for each custom attribute.


    • 1 – DeviceID (AirWatch assigned DeviceID when the device enrolls)
    • 2 – Serial Number
    • 3 – UDID
    • 4 – MAC Address
    • 5 – IMEI Number

Save the file as a .csv before you import it.