Enrolling a device with the AirWatch Agent is the main option for Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

  1. Navigate to AWAgent.com from the native browser on the device that you are enrolling.

    AirWatch auto-detects if the AirWatch Agent is already installed and redirects to the appropriate mobile app store to download the Agent if needed.

    Downloading the Agent from public application stores requires either an Apple ID or a Google Account.

  2. Run the Agent upon the completion of the download or return to your browser session.


    To ensure a successful installation and running of the AirWatch Agent on your Android device, it must have a minimum of 60 MB of space available. CPU and Run Time Memory are allocated per app on the Android platform. If an app uses more than allocated, Android devices optimize themselves by killing the app.

  3. Enter your email address. AirWatch checks if your address has been previously added to the environment. In which case, you are already configured as an end user and your organization group is already assigned.

    If AirWatch cannot identify you as an end user based on your email address, you are prompted to enter your Environment URL, Group ID, and Credentials. If your environment URL and Group ID are needed, your AirWatch Administrator can provide it.

  4. Finalize the enrollment by following all remaining prompts.