In general, it is not appropriate to collect GPS data for employee-owned devices. The following notes apply to corporate-owned devices.

  • GPS Data – Information collected includes location data and a time-stamp indicating when this information was sent to AirWatch.
    • For iOS devices, GPS data is reported automatically. GPS data is reported by opening any AirWatch application or internal application with an AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK) set to capture GPS data.

      When GPS data is reported, AirWatch defines a 1-kilometer region around this location. It then reports location information whenever the device moves outside the region or whenever the user opens an AirWatch or internal application. No new GPS data is reported unless one of these actions occurs.
    • Location Services must be enabled on the iOS device. AirWatch cannot force this setting.
  • While GPS is typically used for lost or stolen devices, it is also used for any situation where knowing the location of a device is useful.