To use shared device functionality on Android devices, enroll the device using the AirWatch Agent and set the Android Launcher application as the default home screen. The Launcher application is automatically downloaded during enrollment.

Once the application is installed and set as the default home screen, the device is in a checked-in state. While in this state, the end user is unable to navigate away from this page and the device prompts the user to check out. To remove the profile and make the entire device accessible again, perform an Enterprise Wipe on the staging user device from the AirWatch Console.

Log in to an Android device

  1. From the Launcher log in page, users must enter their Group ID, user name, and password. If Prompt User for Organization Group is enabled on the console, then end users are required to enter a Group ID to log in.

  2. Tap Login and accept the terms of use, if applicable. The device is configured.

    Once logged in, user profiles are pushed down based on the smart group and user group associations.

Log out of an Android device

  1. Tap the Settings button.
  2. Select log out.