A mobile-friendly version of the AirWatch Console is available. This mobile version enables you to manage devices in Device List and Device Details views, all remotely through your mobile device.

Device-Agnostic Mobile Console URL

The AirWatch Console automatically invokes the correct version (Mobile vs. Full) depending upon the device you are using. Tablet devices run the full version in their default browsers. Mobile phones display the Mobile Console view.

For either type of device, enter the default login URL https://<AirWatchEnvironment>/AirWatch and the AirWatch Console displays in the optimal configuration.

Device List View on the Mobile Console

The Device List view features options for sorting (ascending and descending) by User, Friendly Name, and Last Seen. It also displays whether the device is compliant and whether the device has been enrolled.

It also displays how much time has elapsed since the device was last seen in the listing. Also, there is an icon in the top-left corner that allows you to Log out and to Switch to desktop version.

Details View on the Mobile Console

The Details view displays the Friendly Name, Model and OS info, Device Ownership, and user name. You can also see the user email, how many profiles are installed on the device, and any device security violations.

Tapping the gray buttons at the top of the Details view initiates administrative actions for the selected device, including Enterprise Wipe, Send Message, and Lock Device.