Establish security for the AirWatch Console by creating a security PIN. The PIN acts as a safeguard against accidentally wiping a device or deleting important aspects of your environment, such as users and organization groups. The Security PIN also works as a second layer of security. It presents an added point of authentication by blocking actions made by unapproved users.

Establish Your Security PIN

When you first log in to the AirWatch Console, you are prompted to establish a Security PIN.

Enter and confirm your four-digit Security PIN on the Security Settings page and save this PIN for future use. You may not bypass this page, or proceed to any area within the AirWatch Console, before creating this PIN.

If you enter the wrong password more than the maximum allowed login attempts, you are presented with a "Captcha" authentication prompt, which you can customize. You can also disable the Captcha login prompt.

For more information about setting the maximum number of login attempts, see Admin / Console Security / Passwords.

For more information about Captcha Settings, see Admin / Console Security / General.

For information about Enrollment User Password Settings, which are managed separately from Admin Console Passwords, see Devices & Users / General / Passwords.

Reset Your AirWatch Console Security PIN

Reset your security PIN every so often to minimize security risks.

  1. Select the Account icon in the top-right corner of the AirWatch Console.
  2. Select Manage Account Settings. The Account Settings page displays.
  3. Select the Security tab and then reset your PIN by selecting the Reset button.
  4. Log out of the console and complete the PIN creation prompt upon logging back in.