You can select individual devices on a page by checking individual check boxes to the left of each device. You can also select a block of devices across multiple pages. You can even select all devices in your entire fleet, which may trigger the restricted actions warning.

Selecting a Block of Devices

You may select a contiguous block of devices, even across multiple pages, by selecting the device check box at the beginning of the block. Next, hold down the shift key, then select the device check box at the end of the block. This action is similar to the block-selection in the Windows and Mac environments and it allows you to apply bulk actions to those selected devices.

Selecting All Devices

The Global check box, located to the left of the Last Seen column header, can be used to select or deselect all devices in the listing. If your List View contains a filtered listing of devices, the Global check box can be used to select or deselect all filtered devices.

When the Global check box features a green minus sign ( MDM_Device_List_Global_Checkbox_Minus), it means at least one but not all devices are selected. Select this icon again and it changes to a check mark sign ( MDM_Device_List_Global_Checkbox_Checkmark), indicating that all devices in the listing (either filtered or unfiltered) have been selected. Select it a third time and it changes again to an empty check box ( MDM_Device_List_Global_Checkbox_Blank), indicating that no devices in the listing are currently selected.

Restricted Action Warning on All Devices Selected

When you initiate an action with all devices in your fleet selected, a warning message is displayed.

You are attempting to act on [number of selected] devices. This action may not apply
                     to all devices. Certain limitations of this action include enrollment status, management
                     type, device platform, model, or OS.

This warning is an acknowledgment of the diverse nature of a large device fleet featuring a multitude of different manufacturers, operating systems, and capabilities. It is unrelated to the Bulk Management Limit and any warnings it may generate. If you have a Bulk Management Limit in place, then this Restricted Action Warning message does not display.