To upgrade the VMware Identity Manager Connector component of the Enterprise Systems Connector, you download the installer from the new version of the AirWatch console and run the installer. You do not need to uninstall the old version.

About this task

After upgrade, you do not need to generate a new activation code or activate the VMware Identity Manager Connector again. Your existing configuration applies to the upgraded connector.


  1. Log in to the new version of the AirWatch console.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > System > Enterprise Integration > VMware Enterprise Systems Connector.
  3. In the General tab, click Download VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Installer.

    The Download VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Installer page is displayed.

  4. Create a password for the certificate and click Download.

    You need this password when you install the ACC component.

  5. Save the installer file on the same Windows server on which the earlier version of the connector is installed.
  6. Run the installer and follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.
  7. If JRE is upgraded during the connector upgrade, you must restore the cacerts file that is backed up by the installer during upgrade.

    Copy the opt\vmware\horizon\workspace\install\cacerts.sav file to the newly-created JAVA_HOME\lib\security folder as a file named cacerts, without the .sav extension. This replaces the existing cacerts file in the folder.


    During upgrade, if the installer detects a lower version of JRE on the Windows server than the one packaged with the installer, you are prompted to install the new JRE version.

  8. After the upgrade is complete, reboot the Windows server.

    Rebooting the server sets the JAVA_HOME variable to the latest JRE that is installed with the upgrade, enabling the connector to use the latest JRE.

What to do next

After you upgrade to version 9.2.2, edit the install_dir\IDMConnector\usr\local\horizon\conf\ file and change the value of the connector.api.version property to 5.


This is only required when you upgrade to version 9.2.2 from an earlier version.