The VMware Identity Manager Connector component requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

About this task

The JRE version required for the connector is packaged with the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector installer. When you upgrade the VMware Identity Manager connector component, you are prompted to upgrade the JRE version too. For information on upgrading JRE while running the installer, see Upgrading VMware Identity Manager Connector.

If you want to upgrade JRE on the connector server at any other time, follow these steps to ensure that the VMware Identity Manager connector continues to work correctly after the JRE upgrade.


If JRE gets upgraded automatically, follow steps 3 to 6 after the upgrade.


This procedure is applicable to VMware Identity Manager connector version 3.1 and later.


  1. Stop the connector service.
  2. Install the new JRE version.
  3. Update the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to the new JRE.
  4. Edit the %JAVA_HOME%/lib/security/ file and add the following setting:


  5. Open a command prompt window as administrator and run the following script:


  6. Restart the connector service.