To integrate a Citrix deployment with the VMware Identity Manager service, you need the following components.

  • A VMware Identity Manager tenant.

  • A VMware Identity Manager connector virtual appliance, version 2.7 or later, installed on premises. You can download the connector virtual appliance from

    On Windows, you can install the VMware Enterprise Systems Connector, which includes the VMware Identity Manager Connector component. The Enterprise Systems Connector can be downloaded from VMware AirWatch. For information, see VMware Enterprise Systems Connector Installation and Configuration.

  • An Integration Broker instance installed on a supported Windows server on premises. The Integration Broker, a component of VMware Identity Manager, is the component that communicates with Citrix server farms.

    You can download the Integration Broker from

  • A Citrix deployment on premises.

While deploying the on-premise components, ensure that you meet these requirements:

  • The connector must be able to communicate with the Integration Broker. If you have deployed multiple connector instances, ensure that all of them can communicate with the Integration Broker.

  • The Integration Broker must be able to communicate with the Citrix server farm.

All communication between the VMware Identity Manager service and the on-premise components is through the connector. The connector and the service communicate over a communication channel that is automatically set up during installation.


Using the latest available version of VMware Identity Manager and its components is recommended.