You can entitle users and groups to Windows applications that are captured as ThinApp packages.

About this task

You can only entitle VMware Identity Manager users, users who are imported from your directory server, to ThinApp packages. When you entitle a user to a ThinApp package, the user sees the application and can start it from the VMware Identity Manager Desktop application on their system. If you remove the entitlement, the user cannot see or start the application.

Often, the most effective way to entitle users to ThinApp packages is to add a ThinApp package entitlement to a group of users. In certain situations entitling individual users to a ThinApp package is more appropriate.


Set up a virtual apps collection for ThinApp packages from the Catalog > Virtual Apps Collection page. After you create the collection, sync the ThinApp packages to VMware Identity Manager. When the ThinApp packages are synced to your catalog, you can entitle them to your users and groups.


  1. Log in to the administration console.
  2. Entitle users to a ThinApp package.



    Access a ThinApp package and entitle users or groups to it.

    1. Click the Catalog > Application Catalog tab.

    2. Click Any Application Type > ThinApp Packages.

    3. Click the ThinApp package to entitle users and groups to.

      The Entitlements tab is selected by default. Group entitlements are listed in one table, user entitlements are listed in another table.

    4. Click Add group entitlement or Add user entitlement.

    5. Type the names of the groups or users.

      You can search for users or groups by starting to type a search string and allowing the autocomplete feature to list the options. You can click browse to view the entire list.

    6. From the drop-down menu, select the activation method for the ThinApp package.

      With both the User Activated and Automatic options, the resources are added to the Catalog page. Users can use the resources from the Catalog page or move them to the Bookmarks page. However, to set up an approval flow for any of the apps, you must select User Activated for that app.

    7. Click Save.

    Access a user or group and add ThinApp package entitlements to that user or group.

    1. Click the Users & Groups tab.

    2. Click the Users tab or the Groups tab.

    3. Click the name of an individual user or group.

    4. Click the Apps tab.

    5. Click Add entitlement.

    6. In the Application Type drop-down list, select ThinApp Packages.

    7. Click the check boxes next to the ThinApp packages to which to entitle the user or group.

    8. In the DEPLOYMENT column, select the activation method for the ThinApp package.


      Users have immediate access to the ThinApp package the next time they log in to the VMware Identity Manager Desktop application.


      Users must activate the ThinApp package in the VMware Identity Manager Desktop application before they can use the application.

    9. Click Save.


The selected users or groups are now entitled to use the ThinApp package.

What to do next

Verify that the VMware Identity Manager Desktop application is installed on users' Windows systems.