If you use multiple client access URLs for different network ranges, you must edit the default network range so the end user connects to the correct client access URL and port number. If these settings are not updated, the Horizon Client will not launch.


  1. Log in to the VMware Identity Manager administration console.
  2. Click the Identity & Access Management tab.
  3. Click Setup on the right, then click Network Ranges.
  4. Click the network range to modify.

    The Edit Network Range page appears. The View CPA federation section appears only if you integrated pod federations. This section lists the global launch URLs you specified for the pod federations. The View Pod section lists all the View pods that have the Sync Local Entitlements option selected.

  5. Specify the client access URL and port in the Client Access URL Host and URL Port fields.

    For example: pod6.mycompany.com

  6. Verify that each network range in your environment contains a client access URL.

    If you miss a network range, end users who launch through that network range might have problems.