The Catalog is the repository of all the resources that you can entitle to users. You add applications to the Catalog directly from the Catalog tab. To see the applications added to the catalog, click the Catalog tab in the administration console.

On the Catalog page, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Add new resources to your catalog.

  • View the resources to which you can currently entitle users.

  • Access information about each resource in your catalog.

You can integrate the following types of resources with VMware Identity Manage.

  • Web applications

  • VMware Horizon Cloud Service applications and desktops

  • VMware Horizon® 7, Horizon 6, and View desktop and application pools

  • Citrix-published resources

  • VMware ThinApp® packaged applications

You integrate these resources from the Catalog page.

See the Setting Up Resources in VMware Identity Manager for information about setting up resources.