Restrictions profiles provide a second layer of device data protection by allowing you to specify and control how, when and where your employees use their devices.

The Restrictions profiles lock down native functionality of Android for Work devices and vary based on device enrollment. The Restrictions profile displays tags labeling the Work Managed Device and Work Profile modes. The profile only affects the Work Profile.

The Restrictions profile displays tags that indicate if the selected restriction applies towards the Work Profile, Work Managed Device or both, however, that for Work Profile devices these only affect the Android for Work badged apps. For example, when configuring restrictions for the Work Profile you can disable access to the work Camera. This only affects the Android for Work badged camera and not the users personal camera.

Note, there are a handful of system apps included with the Work Profile by default such as Work Chrome, Google Play, Google settings, Contacts, and Camera – these can be hidden using the restrictions profile and does not affect the user's personal camera.