Now that the servers have been installed and configured you must install the platform specific agents on the devices so that they may be remotely managed.

  1. Visit the MyAirWatch page that lists all the device agents


  2. Identify and download platform specific Remote Management agents that are applicable to your deployment.
  3. You can push these apps to devices as an internal app through the App Management function in AirWatch or you can utilize Product Provisioning.

    For more information about App Management, see the VMware AirWatch Mobile Application Management Guide.

    For more information about Product Provisioning, see the VMware AirWatch Product Provisioning for Android Guide and VMware AirWatch Product Provisioning for Windows Rugged Guide.

    All of these guides and more can be found through Accessing Other Documents.

You are now ready to manage devices remotely. Next, proceed to Start an Advanced Remote Management Connection.