The AirWatch Hub is your central portal for fast access to critical information. You can quickly identify important issues and act from a single location in the AirWatch Console.


Selecting any bar or donut graph on the page displays the Device List View. This list view contains all the devices specific to the metric you selected. You can then perform actions such as sending a message to those devices.

For example, select the Antivirus Status donut graph. Within seconds, the Device List View displays with a list of devices whose lack of antivirus software has triggered a policy violation. Select all the devices in this list by clicking the check box to the far left of each device. You can also select the "select all" check box below the Add Device button. The action button cluster displays above the listing. Select the Send button to send a message to the users of the selected devices. You can choose to send an Email, a push notification, or an SMS text message.