You can upgrade your Android devices remotely to a new version of the OS using product provisioning. Support includes Zebra devices using the Zebra MX Service and any OEM supporting the Platform OEM Service v3.0 or higher. This process allows you to keep your entire device fleet up to date without needing to have the devices shipped back to you.


Before updating your Motorola device to a new Zebra OS, you must have the AirWatch Agent for Android v5.1.4+ installed as well as the 1.9 MX service. For information on upgrading the OS for Honeywell devices, see the KB article :

Device Side OS Update Process

After an Android Rugged device receives an Android OS Upgrade file/action, the device processes the command in the following order.

  1. Device receives the product which you can verify in Agent > Products.
  2. Download all the files including the OS update zip which you can verify in the Product logs found in Agent > Product > Product Name.
  3. Once the downloads complete, the AirWatch Agent backs up its data and any installed managed applications to the device enterprise folder which is persistent.
  4. The agent then fires the intent to start the OS update by passing the OS Upgrade zip file.
  5. Device then applies the OS upgrade.
  6. Once complete, the device reboots.
  7. Upon reboot, the Rapid Deployment client re-installs the agent applications and launches them.
  8. Upon launch, the agent restores its data and re-installs managed apps.