When you update the AirWatch Agent for Windows on a Windows 7 device, you must ensure that you use specific file names. Ensure that the file name is correct when downloading the agent.

The AirWatch Agent download file is AirwatchAgent.msi. The file name must be exactly AirwatchAgent.msi or the automatic upgrade fails. For example, if you download a second copy of the file, it is labeled as AirwatchAgent.msi(1). Attempts to use this numbered copy fail to upgrade.

If you enable the Windows Agent Automatic Updates option, the AirWatch Agent for Windows automatically updates without end-user interaction. If you are using any version before AirWatch Agent for Windows v7.0.0, you must upgrade the agent manually to v7.0.0+.


During the upgrade process for end users, an alert displays if the upgrade fails three times. If an end user contacts you about this message, perform an enterprise wipe and instruct your end users to reinstall the AirWatch Agent.