Add Appthority information to the AirWatch Console and download a certificate to enable secure communications between the two systems. You can use information on the page to track the signing certificate and when the systems last synced.

Retrieve Signing Certificate from Appthority

Go to the Appthority site and download the Appthority certificate so that you can upload it to the AirWatch Console. When you enable AirWatch to communicate with Appthority, you also download a certificate from AirWatch to upload to Appthority.

Enable Communication in the AirWatch Console

Enable communication with these steps.

  1. Ensure that you are in the desired organization group that is a Customer type.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > App Scan > Third Party Integration.
  3. Configure the settings.

    Setting Description
    Enable Third Party App Scan Analysis Select to enable communication between AirWatch and the App Scan Vendor and to display available options on the page.
    Choose App Scan Vendor Select the applicable third-party vendor.
  4. Complete the options for Appthority.

    Setting Description

    To retrieve the certificate downloaded from Appthority, select Upload The Certificate From Appthority.

    This certificate and the one you download from AirWatch enable secure communication between the AirWatch environment and your Appthority environment through the app scanning integration service.

    Download Certificate Download the AirWatch certificate to upload to your Appthority environment.
    Appthority REST API URL Enter the URL for your Appthority environment to direct AirWatch to the service through the app scanning service.
  5. Display and configure the Application Group Creation area.

    Setting Description
    Enable Email Notification Displays the Application Group Creation area to configure the system to send notifications to admins when analysis creates new app groups in AirWatch.
    Send Email To Enter email addresses to receive notifications about new app groups created by analysis. Use a comma to separate addresses.
    Message Template Use Message Preview to see the email that the system sends upon the creation of new app groups using the Vendor Application Group Creation Notification template.
  6. Select Save to complete configurations and sync with the vendor when the AirWatch scheduler task runs.

For information on the Sync Now and Refresh options, see Sync Options. For information on Reconfigure, see Results of Reconfiguring Integration.