VMware AirWatch integrates with Appthority so that you can send unmanaged applications from AirWatch to your app scanning service. App reputation services scan network data, including applications, for vulnerabilities and threats to prevent and block malicious attacks to enterprise networks.

Integrate to consolidate systems in your mobile network, and secure unmanaged applications that are used on devices enrolled in AirWatch.

Updated Integration

If you do not have the SKU for the updated integration with Appthority and you are interested in more information, contact your Professional Services Representative.

The updated integration displays different options in the UI. For information on the integration with Appthority with AirWatch v9.0 and earlier, see the VMware AirWatch Integration with Appthority guide located at https://resources.air-watch.com/view/7xn3jjb3l88dqq3cfppk/en.