Locate the imported applications in the AirWatch Console and assign the applications to devices using the following steps.

  1. Navigate to Apps & Books > Applications > Native > Public in the AirWatch Console.
  2. Locate applications using filters or the Search List box. Applications display as Not Assigned, so select the Not Assigned link to access the Assignment tab.
  3. Select an existing smart group or create a new one in the Assigned Smart Groups field.

  4. Configure the deployment details of the application on the Deployment tab to control availability.

    • Push Mode – Set the application to install automatically (auto) or manually (on demand) when needed.

      • Auto – Deploys an application upon device enrollment using the AirWatch App Catalog. If a device is enrolled in AirWatch, this option silently installs the application on devices.
      • On Demand – Deploys applications to the AirWatch App Catalog to enable device users to install when they want.
    • Send Application Configuration – Send application configurations to devices so that users do not have to manually configure these settings on their devices.

      • Select Load to import the values the system supports.

        The system retrieves the values currently supported so that you can configure the settings in the Console.

      • Enter the configuration values as unique keys into the appropriate fields. Supported entries for key/value pairs are String, Number, Boolean, and Date. You can also use Lookup Values when entering the application configurations.
      • Use the Add option to configure other application settings.
  5. Select Save & Publish to make the application available to end users.