The VMware Content Locker enables your employees to access corporate resources securely from their mobile devices.

Admins can configure which device ownership types have access to sensitive documents. To maximize content security as part of your BYOD deployment, you can manage the following security features:

  • Require the device to be enrolled to access content. This policy ensures that employee-owned devices are subject to security profiles and compliance policies before they have access to sensitive content.
  • Prevent content access if the device is compromised. This policy maximizes security by preventing potentially vulnerable devices from accessing content.
  • Allow access to content only while online. This policy ensures that the device is compliant with your AirWatch policies. Compliance cannot be verified if the device is offline and cannot report in.
  • Edit the Assignment criteria for specific content. For example, determine if certain sensitive content is not accessible by employee-owned devices.

For more information about securing access to sensitive content, see Overview of VMware Content Locker .s