Configuration profiles permit employee-owned devices to access and authenticate email, VPN, and Wi-Fi settings. Because these profiles are managed, you can remove access to these resources at any time.

For instructions about creating configuration profiles, refer to the specific platform guides and the Compliance Profiles Overview .

Email Containerization

Employee-owned devices can use Boxer for secure access to corporate email. This containerized solution requires a passcode to access email, but does not force end users to enter a passcode to access their devices. It also provides separation between personal and work content.

VPN Access

AirWatch manages device VPN settings so end users can remotely and securely access your organizations internal network. The VPN profile provides detailed VPN setting control, including specific VPN provider settings and Per-App VPN access.

Wi-Fi Profiles

A Wi-Fi profile permits devices to connect to corporate networks, even if they are hidden, encrypted, or password-protected. This profile is useful for end users who travel to office locations that have their own wireless networks. Wi-Fi profiles configure devices to connect to the appropriate wireless network.