You can use Basic Authentication to identify users in the AirWatch architecture but this method offers no integration to existing corporate user accounts.


  • Can be used for any deployment method.
  • Requires no technical integration.
  • Requires no enterprise infrastructure.


  • Cannot be used with Auto Discovery.
  • Credentials only exist in AirWatch and do not necessarily match existing corporate credentials.
  • Offers no federated security or single sign-on.
  • AirWatch stores all user name and passwords.
  • Cannot be used for Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.


  1. Console user logs in to AirWatch SaaS using local AirWatch account for authentication (Basic Authentication)
    • Credentials are encrypted during transport
    • (for example, user name:, password: abcd)
  2. Device user enrolls device using local AirWatch account (Basic Authentication) credentials
    • Credentials are encrypted during transport
    • (for example, user name: jdoe2, password 2557)

For more information, see Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.