This section explains the requirements for using the Email Notification Service (ENS) with AirWatch.

Email Server Integration

Versions Supported

  • Email Client - iOS Inbox v2.4+ or iOS VMware Boxer 3.0+
  • Email Server - Exchange 2010 SP3, Exchange 2013 SP1, Exchange 2016, or Office 365


Office 365 implementations are subject to Microsoft throttling policies. With Office 365, one service account can have up to 5000 subscriptions. If the usage exceeds 5000 subscriptions, then multiple service accounts can be added. For information on creating service accounts, see Create Multiple Exchange Servers and Service Accounts.

Account Credentials

Admin Access

  • The admin must have the edit permissions to download and install the ENS installer.

Console Requirements

  • Minimum AirWatch Console version 8.3.7

Hardware Requirements

Hard Disk Storage
10 GB

To help the Exchange server handle the load, it is recommended to have an additional 4 GB RAM on Mailbox Server and an additional 2 CPU Core on the CAS Servers, for every 20,000 users.

Software Requirements

If the AirWatch Console is part of a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment, certificates may already be installed. Contact AirWatch Support to determine the configurations of your deployment.

Requirement Notes

Network Requirements

Network Requirements

Source Component

Destination Component





Exchange Web Services (EWS) endpoint



ENS API Server HTTPS 443  


AirWatch Cloud Notification Service




Mailbox servers ENS HTTP or HTTPS

80 or 443

The inbound access is required only when push notification functionality is used. If using 'HTTPS', bind the SSL certificate of the ENS server with the ENS service. For information on how to bind the SSL certificate, see Install the Email Notification Service.