To integrate the client SDK with your Android application, import libraries, set up your Gradle environment, review how to set up your environment, set up the application to receive notifications from the AirWatch Console, and initialize in the SDKManager class.

Import Libraries

For a brief list of the libraries to import for the client SDK and information on multi-dexing, see Import the Libraries.

Set Up Gradle

Set up Gradle in Android Studio for build automation. Find out where to create the dependencies block in your Gradle file and view sample code in Set up Gradle.

Set Up the Broadcast Receiver

Extend the AirWatchSDKBaseIntentService class to set the SDK within the application to receive notifications from the AirWatch Console. For steps and sample code, see Implement the Client SDK Broadcast Receiver.

Initialize with the SDKManager Class

Use the SDKManager class and ensure that it initializes with the application context on a background thread. For sample code, see Initialize the Client SDK.