Integrating with Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) requires completing tasks in both the AirWatch Console and in Apple's DEP portal.

Your organization must already be registered with Apple's Deployment Programs. During the integration, AirWatch recommends that you do not use Internet Explorer as your browser. Also, once you begin configuring the DEP wizard in the AirWatch Console, keep the browser session open. You cannot save your activity until you complete the final configuration step, so it is important to finish the entire configuration in one browser session.

Set Up the Apple DEP Portal

Start in the AirWatch Console to begin integrating your AirWatch deployment with DEP. Then move to the Apple DEP portal to create a virtual MDM server container for your organization's devices.

For more information, see Download the Public Key to Integrate with Apple DEP.

Configure Devices and the DEP Portal

Next, configure your devices and the AirWatch Console to create an initial profile.

For more information, see Configure the Apple DEP Portal.

Assign and Manage Devices

Finally, assign devices to the virtual MDM container in Apple's portal, so they can be managed through AirWatch.

For more information, see Associate Devices in Apple's DEP Portal.