Product set ranking controls which product of a product set is sent to a device. Since the ranking is the key feature of product sets, changes in ranking cause a series of reactions in the product set.

To change product ranking, take the following steps.

  1. Navigate to Devices > Staging & Provisioning > Product Sets.
  2. Find the product set you want to add a product to and select the Edit icon ( Edit Icon).
  3. Select the Products tab.
  4. Manually adjust the product rank as needed according to your business needs.
  5. Select Save to apply the rank changes.

Listed below are examples of rank changes and what happens to the product, product set, and devices as a result.

Reason for Edit Effect of Edit
Adding a new product. The new product is set at the lowest rank. You must manually change the rank of the new product as needed.
Changing rank of existing products

Increasing the rank (selecting Up arrow) of a product will decrease the rank of all subsequent products by one.

Decreasing the rank (selecting Down arrow) of a product will increase the rank of previously lower-ranked products.

After you complete the rank changes and save the product, the product set enters the policy engine for evaluation. The engine assesses the custom attribute for each device against the new device rankings.

If you reorder the Products priority within a Product Set, then the Products will be reassigned based on the new priority order. As a result, the AirWatch Console will send removal commands for all devices affected by the reorder and assign Products based on the new order.

After editing product ranking, only the products affected by the new ranking receive removal and install commands. Products outside the change in ranking are not affected.

Removing a Product

Removing a product automatically increases the rank of all products previously ranked below the deleted product by one. If multiple products were removed, the ranking increases by one for each product removed.

All products that preceded the deleted product's rank remain unchanged.

Any products that had the removed product installed will receive a new product based on the new rankings.