After creating a staging package, install product components as part of a staging package using the advance staging options.

To establish a list of ordered steps during staging, take the following steps.

  1. After completing the General tab of the Staging window, select the Manifest tab.
  2. Select Add.


  3. Select the action you want to take place during staging.

    Settings Description
    Action Types

    Select one of the following action types.

    • Install Profile
    • Uninstall Profile
    • Install Application
    • Uninstall Application
    • Install Files/Actions
    • Uninstall Files/Actions
    • Reboot
    • Warm Boot
    • Cold Boot

    For more information on creating files, profiles, actions, see Products.

    Profile Select the profile to use in the staging configuration.
    Application Select the application to use in the staging configuration.
    Persistent through enterprise reset

    Enable to keep the profile, application, or files/actions on the device through enterprise resets.

    For more information see Product Persistence.

  4. Select Add again to add additional actions to the manifest if desired.
  5. When you are finished adding actions, select Save.
  6. View the newly created staging profile in the List View. Take additional actions on the profile from the menus on the right.
    • Edit your configuration.
    • Copy your profile.
    • Select Barcode and complete the fields on the Generate Barcode subpage.