Customize your enrollment workflow by incorporating advanced options available in the AirWatch Console. Access more enrollment options by navigating to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > General > Enrollment.

Getting Started

Setting Description
Add Email Domain

This button is used for setting up the Auto-Discovery Service to register email domains to your environment.

For more information about the AutoDiscovery Service, see Autodiscovery Enrollment.

Authentication Mode(s)

Select the allowed authentication types, which include:

  • Basic – Basic user accounts (ones you create manually in AirWatch) can enroll.
  • Directory – Directory user accounts (ones that you have imported or allowed using directory service integration) can enroll. Directory users, with or without SAML, are supported by Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.
  • Authentication Proxy – Allows users to enroll using Authentication Proxy user accounts. Users authenticate to a web endpoint.
Devices Enrollment Mode

Select the preferred device enrollment mode, which includes:

  • Open Enrollment – Essentially allows anyone meeting the other enrollment criteria (authentication mode, restrictions, etc.) to enroll. Open enrollment is supported by Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment.
  • Registered Devices Only – Only allowed users to enroll using devices you or they have registered. Device registration is the process of adding corporate devices to the admin console before they are enrolled. For more information on registering devices, refer to the Enrollment section of the VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management Guide. Allowing only registered devices to enroll is supported by Workspace ONE Direct Enrollment but only if registration tokens are not required.
Require Registration Token

Visible only when Registered Devices Only is selected.

If you restrict enrollment to registered devices only, you also have the option of requiring a registration token to be used for enrollment. This increases security by confirming that a particular user is authorized to enroll. You can send an email or SMS message with the enrollment token attached to users with AirWatch accounts.

Require Agent Enrollment for iOS Select this check box to require iOS device users to download and install the Agent before they can enroll.
Require Agent Enrollment for macOS Select this check box to require macOS device users to download and install the Agent before they can enroll.

In addition to the Authentication and Terms of Use tabs, you may optionally complete the following enrollment tabs.

  1. Grouping.
  2. Restrictions.
  3. Optional Prompt.
  4. Customization.