VMware Boxer for Android and iOS supports fingerprint authentication. Configure the authentication method as part of your normal deploy and assign process.


  • VMware Boxer v4.5 for Android and VMware Boxer 4.2 for iOS
  • AirWatch v9.0.5+


To configure fingerprint authentication:

  1. Navigate to Groups & Settings > All Settings > Apps > Settings & Policies > Security Policies.
  2. Select Override to override any inherited settings.
  3. Set the Authentication Type to Passcode or user name and Password. Passcode and Biometrics must be enabled for using the Fingerprint functionality with Boxer.
  4. Expand the Authentication Type settings.
  5. Enter a value greater than 0 for Authentication timeout.
  6. Set Biometric Mode to Fingerprint.
  7. Select Save at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Configure the VMware Boxer app to use the AirWatch SDK. Use AirWatch SDK to customize your deployment with maximum security and stability.

    • If you have not added VMware Boxer as a public app to your AirWatch Console, navigate to Apps & Books > List View > Public > Add Application. Follow the steps to add the app. Enable Application uses AirWatch SDK. You can use the default profile. For more information, see Configure and Deploy VMware Boxer.
    • If you have already added VMware Boxer to your AirWatch Console, navigate to Apps & books > List View > Public and select the app. Select Edit. Select the Deployment tab and enable Application uses AirWatch SDK. You can use the default profile.
  9. Navigate to Apps & Books > Public Application. Select the VMware Boxer app and select Assign. Select Add Assignment.

    Configure the Email Settings. For more information, see VMware Boxer Email Settings.

    You must configure the following settings for fingerprint authentication for both Android and iOS devices:

    Setting Description
    Application Configuration
    Configuration Key

    Enter the configuration key for the setting.

    For fingerprint authentication, enter AppForceActivateSSO.

    Value Type

    Select the type of value associated with the configuration key.

    For fingerprint authentication, select Boolean.

    Configuration Value

    Enter the configuration value.

    For fingerprint authentication, enter true.

  10. Select Save.
  11. Select View Device Assignment and select Save & Publish.

After the assigned devices receive the new settings, end users may enable fingerprint authentication in the device settings. Configuring fingerprint authentication includes adding a fingerprint on the device. If enabled, end users must enter a backup passcode or user name and password.