Before you can assign a smart group to an application, book, compliance policy, device profile, video channel, or product provision, you must first create one.


  1. Choose the applicable Organization Group to which your new smart group applies and from which it can be managed.
  2. Navigate to Groups & Settings > Groups > Assignment Groups and then select Add Smart Group.
  3. Enter a Name for the smart group.
  4. Configure the smart group type. Choose between Select Criteria and Select Devices or Users.

    • The Select Criteria option works best for groups with large numbers (more than 500 devices) that receive general updates. This method works best because the inherent details of these groups can reach all endpoints of your mobile fleet.
      • In the Select Criteria type, select qualifying parameters to add in the smart group. Parameters include Organization Group, User Group, Ownership, Tags, Platform and Operating System, Model, and Enterprise OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Version. You can also add and exclude specific devices and users in the Additions and Exclusions sections.

        While Platform is a criterion within a smart group, the platform configured in the device profile or compliance policy always takes precedence over the smart group's platform. For instance, if a device profile is created for the iOS platform, the profile is only assigned to iOS devices even if the smart group includes Android devices.


    • The Select Devices or Users option works best for groups with smaller numbers (500 or less devices) that receive sporadic, although important, updates. This method works best because of the granular level at which you can select group members.

      Switching between Select Criteria and Select Devices or Users erases any entries and selections you may have made.

      • Use the Select Devices or Users type to assign content and settings to special cases outside of the general enterprise mobility criteria. Enter the device friendly name in Devices and user name (first name or last name) in Users. You must Add at least one device or user or you cannot save the smart group.

      There is a limit to the number of rules (500) that a smart group may be programmed with. This 500 rule limit is unrelated to the 500 device threshold determining whether your smart group is Select Criteria or Select Devices or Users-based.

  5. Select Save when complete.